SUBFICTION – SOLO (10″ vinyl)

Six months ago, no one had ever heard of this veiled artist. Friday 27 January 'SOLO' will premiere at the prestigious International Film Festival Rotterdam. This visual EP is a collaboration between the mysterious SUBFICTION, director Vincent Boy Kars (Drama Girl, Independent Boy) and choreographer Dalton Jansen (BLACK BIRDS, winner of Jonge Zwaan 2022, among others). 

'SOLO' brings together the worlds of dance, film and music and reflects on our hyper-individualistic society. The central question is: To what extent are we as human beings capable of being truly free? The four tracks that form the foundation of the film are a combination of electronic ambient and experimental breakbeats. Together, these tracks will be released both digitally and on 10” vinyl in a unique sleeve. 

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Jelle Touw


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