Ctrl-Alt-Delikt (vinyl) (sold out)

The trio would release their third album in 2020. The vinyl had been pressed and a tour planned. Even the first single, with the same title as the album: Ctrl-Alt-Delikt was already out, when everything was canceled for obvious reasons. During the pandemic, De Likt released the singles Man van de Kopstoot and De Vunkinator (ft. David Vunk), but they were looking forward to the moment the album could be released. And above all: the moment they could finally start touring again.

Artwork: Meinhard Spoor

Mix: Budy Mokoginta (Mokosound)

Master: Jeffrey de Gans (Da Goose Mastering)


  1. Kapers aan de Maas (ft. Kay Slice)
  2. Ctrl-Alt-Delikt
  3. Stadsduif
  4. Doe Niet Gemeen (ft. Afronaut)
  5. Man van de Kopstoot (ft. Jerry Hormone)
  6. De Vunkinator (ft. David Vunk)
  7. Game Over (ft. Diggy Rast)
  8. De Boys Are Back In Town
  9. Kleine Geile Boef (ft. Afronaut)

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Jelle Touw


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