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03. SUBFICTION - Landscape - by niekhage


SUBFICTION is a veiled artist and guide of absorbing audiovisual worlds. Worlds that consist of organic elements, contaminated by technology, exploring musical landscapes beyond genres. The guide, SUBFICTION, controls this worlds through live performance and provides the audience an interface between fiction and reality. The universal creature demolishes every dance floor glitching and switching between melancholic breakbeats, IDM and narrative driven house and hip-hop. So, now that the geek squad is satisfied, let us focus on the crazy club kids. SUBFICTION provides your naughty nightly escapades with some of the most sub-soakin’ breakbeats and flashy, futuristic visuals (I see you, you after-freaks, bassheads and rainbow ravers!). In 2022 SUBFICTION seemed to appear and disappear, often unannounced, at festivals and party’s. No matter the venue, this Casper the fashionable ghost lookin character always gets every audience to go completely berserk. In 2022 SUBFICTION released it’s first single ‘No Return’, toured all ...

Het Gezelschap

Het Gezelschap is Jordy Dijkshoorn, Diggy Rast, Juno Rissema, Deon Custom, and Stam des Bouvrie. Where Swingbeat, Blues, and spoken word meet Synthpop, Electro, and banging hiphop.
Het Gezelschap - De Plaat_Artwork_Sleeve_Front
De Likt Persfoto - Naomi van Heck

De Likt

Futuristic funk from the Maasstad. De Likt broke through to the general public in 2015 with their first single 'Ja Dat Bedoel Ik'. Shortly afterwards, the self-titled debut album followed with singles such as 'Bloed Aan De Muur' and 'Finidi George'. With this, frontman Jordy Dijkshoorn and producer duo Giorgi Kuiper and John van Beek claimed their place in the Dutch live circuit. They played just about every venue and every festival in the Netherlands with their energetic live shows full of stage dives, crowd surfing, moshpits and walls of death. In 2016, De Likt even turned out to hold the live record of the most played festival shows in the Netherlands. In 2017, the trio unfortunately had to put the brakes on quite a bit. After a major incident on the street, Jordy ended up in the hospital with a broken neck. Stronger through struggle, these Rotterdammers turned out to be written on their hearts. In 2018 they returned with the album 'De Derde', with which De Likt ...