De Likt


Futuristic funk from Rotterdam 

De Likt broke through to the general public in 2015 with their first single 'Ja Dat Medoel Ik'. Shortly afterwards, the self-titled debut album followed with singles such as 'Bloed Aan De Muur' and 'Finidi George'. With this, frontman Jordy Dijkshoorn and producer duo Giorgi Kuiper and John van Beek claimed their place in the Dutch live circuit. They played just about every venue and every festival in the Netherlands with their energetic live shows full of stage dives, crowd surfing, moshpits and walls of death. In 2016, De Likt even held the live record of the most-played festival shows in the Netherlands.

In 2017, the trio unfortunately had to put the brakes on quite a bit. After a major incident on the street, Jordy ended up in the hospital with a broken neck. Stronger through struggle, these Rotterdammers turned out to be written on their hearts. In 2018 they returned with the album 'De Derde', with which De Likt proved itself indestructible once and for all. With singles such as 'Only She Gives Light In De Darkness' and 'Zelf Doen', but also with album tracks such as 'Breek Je Nek' (ft. De Staat), De Likt was back on the radio and television, but of course mainly back in the music venues, clubs and at the festivals. 

In 2020 zou het drietal hun derde album uitbrengen. Het vinyl was gedrukt en een tour langs de grote podia van het land gepland. Zelfs de eerste single, met dezelfde titel als het album: ‘Ctrl-Alt-Delikt’ was al uit, toen alles door voor de hand liggende reden gecanceld werd. Gedurende de pandemie bracht De Likt de singles ‘Man van de Kopstoot’ (ft. Jerry Hormone) en ‘De Vunkinator’ (ft. David Vunk) uit, maar wát keken ze uit naar het moment dat het album naar buiten kon. En vooral: wat keken ze uit naar het moment dat ze eindelijk weer konden gaan touren. 

On Ctrl-Alt-Delikt, De Likt flirts with a retro-digital, sometimes early 90's game-like sound. At the same time, it always seeks out an organic, sometimes analogue vibe. The plate, which is printed on transparent vinyl and the accompanying transparent plastic cover, radiate the same combination. On the album, De Likt blasts as usual, but it also proves to have become a mature act.

Ctrl-Alt-Delikt is the last chapter of De Likt. After almost 10 years, the Rotterdam demolition company stops. But not before they've toured the country one more time with the most spectacular show you've seen from De Likt so far! 

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