SUBFICTION is a veiled artist and guide of absorbing audiovisual worlds. Worlds that consist of organic elements, contaminated by technology, exploring musical landscapes beyond genres. The guide, SUBFICTION, controls this worlds through live performance and provides the audience an interface between fiction and reality. The universal creature demolishes every dance floor glitching and switching between melancholic breakbeats, IDM and narrative driven house and hip-hop.

So, now that the geek squad is satisfied, let us focus on the crazy club kids. SUBFICTION provides your naughty nightly escapades with some of the most sub-soakin’ breakbeats and flashy, futuristic visuals (I see you, you after-freaks, bassheads and rainbow ravers!). In 2022 SUBFICTION seemed to appear and disappear, often unannounced, at festivals and party’s. No matter the venue, this Casper the fashionable ghost lookin character always gets every audience to go completely berserk.

In 2022 SUBFICTION released it’s first single ‘No Return’, toured all Dutch pop venues as part of the CTRL+ALT+DELIKT tour, hosted his own venue (inviting Dorian Concept and TEEBS amongst others) and performed as the official after-show for kindred artist Ross From Friends.

In 2023 the visual debut EP ‘SOLO’ is set to be released. Together with choreographer Dalton Jansen and director Vincent Boy Kars the short film that interweaves dance, cinema and music will be premiered during the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Enter the venture of SUBFICTION.

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Immanuel Spoor

Tel: +316 44 36 36 98


Xander van Dijck (Cloudhead)

Tel: 316-365-61091